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PJ Library National Conference – Springfield, MA

May 7, 2018

PJ-Library-RGB-JPGShira returns to present at the PJ Library National Conference, May 7-9 in Springfield, MA.  Check back HERE for updates on the schedule.

God Talk with Little Ones

The G!D Topic – filled with trepidation, mystery, questions, delight, but most of all, imagination.  Rather than relying on traditional translations and classical prayer book language for our information about the Source of Life, we can engage our families in a way that invites “God talk” as open-minded conversation and interactive play. This workshop will offer techniques and practice for finding the “God talk” in our stories, verbal and non, and for relating to our families in everyday Jew-inclusive sacred community talk.


5 Essential Ingredients for Living in the Moment  

In our ever-evolving, tech-driven, multi-tasking lives, the tools in our Judaic treasure box present ancient recipes for mindfulness. They engage heart movement and spiritual consciousness. In this session, you will be introduced to five essential ingredients that shift us from doing to being, from mundane to sacred, especially formatted for PJ settings where we strive to be radically inclusive of all kinds of Jewish people.  These ingredients are a programming guide for Jewish engagement.

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