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Click to remember the year that passed

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 5:44 pm by shirlala

Are you a fly by the seat of your pants type or a carefully organized multi tasking calendar keeper?

I work meticulously to keep track of my time with multi colored calendars for this and that on my phone and computer along with a number of time management tools and reminders.  I do this so that I don’t miss a deadline.  But does it help me  to answer the question, where was I last week at this time? Where was I last year?    Am I supposed to be able to remember the year behind me, or just resign myself to clicking for it?

Recently I found myself clicking through last year’s calendar.  As I went back through the year, month by month I felt like I was discovering a story about myself.  There was a lot of, “oh yeah… remember that?”  The more calendar pages I read about where I had been and when, the more I was also reading the story of who I was last year.

My computer can tell me in a “click” where I was yesterday and where I need to be tomorrow. But, to actually understand all that I’ve been, all that I’ve done, to really move forward, not just repeat patterns I’ve spotted in my calendar for years, to do this I need the High Holiday Season.

I need the shofar blast to lift my head from the daily grind.  I need the melodies and prayers that magically trigger the work of my heart and soul.

No amount of detailed calendar keeping can do this work for us. We gotta show up.

Join me this year for the High Holiday Season. Lab/Shul is an “Everybody friendly experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings based in NYC and reaching the world.”


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