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Shabbat ShaMorning (Virtual)

April 2, 2022
11:00 amto12:00 pm

Join ShirLaLa and Ellen Allard, in the Shabbat ShaMorning Garden for the best wiggle giggle love fest in town. With a Storahtelling specially designed for the ECE-RJ, in this week’s Torah portion B’Shalach, the Children of Israel cross the Sea of Reeds for the original listening, learning, and action toward the collective liberation of all.  Described by parents as “human, touching, magical, kind and loving,” this Covid relief program for homebound families has been unexpectedly nourishing for everyone involved. The Shabbat ShaMorning model is aptly a practice for both our very youngest and for ourselves. It is a practice of rest and renewal, safety and tender care. Come for the imaginative prayerful play, stay for the Sabbath bliss. As featured on NPR.

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