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Tu B’Shvat Birthday Cake

Friday, January 1st, 2016 11:20 am by admin
Make a Tu B’Shvat Tree Birthday Cake!

Using your favorite cake or cookie dough recipe, spread the batter onto a 11 X 14 cookie sheet (one without sides so that the cookie can be slipped off onto a board).

After baking, while the dough is still slightly warm…

Cut the basic shape of a tree out of the cake (whoever works on this project gets to eat the scraps).  Begin at the top by cutting around the corners to make a round treetop.  Create the trunk by cutting into both sides to make a narrow tree trunk shape. *Keep it simple so that it’s still easy to spread the frosting.


Continue decorating while the dough is still slightly warm.  The the candies will stick to the cookie, but not be absorbed into the dough. It’s all great fun and your imagination can run wild.

- To make the bark of the tree, spread dark brown chocolate icing over the entire cake.  Another idea for the bark is to use chocolate chips.  Pack them tightly onto the “trunk” and make branches as well.
- Mix together cream cheese, powdered sugar and a few drops of green food coloring to make green icing.   Pipe it on with a decorating bag or squeeze it out of the cut-off edge of a ziplock bag, to make leaves and grass. (of course you can also just dollop it on with a spoon too!)
- Use M&Ms and other colorful candies  for fruits and flowers.
-You can also use flower or butterfuly cookie cutters on the left-over baked dough, decorated them as well and place them around the tree.

Basically, you’re making a cookie painting.  Send pictures!!

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