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  1. Totally. It irks me when this leaks out into other areas of game dev too. The Natural Selection 2 team just recently added Female Marine models (That are very well done! Completely reasonable combat armor for fighting vicious, limb rending aliens! Choice!) and yet an RPS writer had the gall to say that they didn't do enough because that model wasn't included in the base game.

  2. Stomach fat loss diet from what stomach fat loss diet i can tell this is a highly calorie-restricted phase with a lot of liquid intake. Reports stomach fat loss diet of fast weight loss from testimonials are no doubt driven by water loss. Stomach fat loss diet fast weight loss is generally water loss, no matter the diet, including the atkins induction phase..

  3. My friend loves the Yankees solely because she thinks Derek Jeter is handsome. Doesn't bother me.

  4. How is this a feminist issue and not just an issue with their relationship? I mean it's not like all men do this, and it's entirely possible for women to do the exact same thing.