Thoughts on “Simple And Easy Weight Loss Tips

  1. 9. Cute – “I know you like them but please stop wearing rompers every time we hang out.”
    Legitimately funny. My ex wore too many rompers. Too many.
    8. Fun – “I really like getting drunk/high and watching Fight Club with you.”
    Is that... bad?
    14. Informed – “My eyes are glazing over as you talk again about ‘This American Life.’”
    So he just has better taste in radio than you?
    16. Cool – “I am significantly impressed that you understand hockey penalties.”
    Is this Canadian?
    23. Interesting – “You like roller derby and Doctor Who. I like Snapchat and golf. We’re done here.”
    Is Doctor Who a niche tv show for hip kids, while snapchat is for... boring people? That seems weird.

  2. Yeah, we wouldn't be in this mess if those uppitty negroes had gone with the flow!