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  1. That's cute. The sad thing is, the content of the words is much more important. Take two sentences someone could say to you "Your fuckin car is a piece of shit." Unkind, two swear words, but nothing that will eat at you down the road. How about "I hope someone close to you gets raped and murdered." Zero swear words, but something that if someone said that to me, a very serious disagreement might follow soon thereafter.

  2. Perhaps not, but the law decrees that a 14 year old is underage, and a 19 year old isn't. The 19 year old, being older, should have taken this into account and made a responsible decision. Besides, given that she supplied him with booze and drugs, she was pretty clearly the aggressor here.

  3. That is understandable. I have to give the anime credit for being able to give great emotions. But at the same time, the manga gives a whole lot more information and plot lines. Are you still reading the manga?